Forexmart broker reviews our editorial:

Our opinion on Forexmart

Forexmart's online platform we didn't like much, the colors of the buttons, the graphic composition and color are not intuitive and can cause problems for novice investors. To make matters worse, too notorious information is displayed urging you to pay real money. According to our experience, the navigation of the site is not the best. A big problem, which also hindered the quiet use of the services of this broker was the fact that the website jammed from time to time, or very long loaded or even suspended.

However, we do not accuse the Forexmart broker for this because we are not 100% sure whether these problems were not caused by our internet in the newsroom or the equipment that we used at the time. Or some other external element not related to the Forexmart broker such as server problems.  However, this is only our assessment, which comes from private feelings and thoughts, each person will have different feelings about this service. So we think that you will do the most sensibly if you try it yourself if this platform meets your expectations.

According to our assessment, the Forexmart broker is not the best choice for beginners and advanced investors, as the layout of the site as well as the color scheme used on this platform can be very confounding for new users. On the other hand, a large number of detailed graphs can significantly impede market analysis for experienced investors. Forexmart broker reviews on the forum gets mostly positive however these are the most common very suspicious comments of the kind of "recommend". We therefore have no way of assessing whether these comments are really original and written by many investors. Or has one person added many of the same opinions about this broker to encourage new users to transfer real money to this platform.

Emotions and stress

Nerves are an integral part of investing in the stock market, but bad emotions and stress are the worst advisers. The very thought of being able to make money or lose significant money evokes some emotions. However, if you are faced with the choice of "withdraw – do you wait?" And at stake will range your 50 thousand zlotys, the emotions will reach the top. What decision you choose in such a situation will largely depend on your emotions. If you can control your stress and emotions then you have the opportunity to become one of the best investors.

On the Internet you will be able to find a lot of guides and books on how to deal with stress. Making meaningful decisions while being under the influence of strong nerves is not the best option, but that's what it's all about investing in CFDs. There are a lot of techniques that allow you to increase control over stress and even silence them completely. Many experienced investors recommend, among other things, meditation or yoga practice.

Every investment is associated with the risk of losing capital, before placing any amount of money in the hope of profit, nevertheless, you need to think whether the likely loss of this money in the event of a missed investment will not affect the state of your life. One of the most important rules of experienced traders is to invest only those funds whose loss will not have any impact on the way they exist. Do not invest money if you are necessary for a normal life!

If you have savings that you intended to spend e.g. to rest or a newer car, then also think hard before you bet on trading this money. Always count on the prospect of loss and never make a profit. For this reason, you will not find yourself in a nasty situation under any circumstances. You will only be pleasantly surprised if a certain investment proves to be accurate and your account will receive a bonus amount of money.

Forexmart Broker Training Materials

The most popular intermediaries offer their users a free demo account, used to learn how to invest, test new strategies and test the trading platform. It works the same as the real one, the only difference is not the real currency. If you are a young investor then remember that. "With each new investment, you will receive experience and make fewer mistakes."

If you are looking for a tried and tested broker, monitored by the finance committee and having legal licenses that guarantee its solvency, then see the latest ranking of CFDs brokers. Each service mentioned in the ranking was checked and evaluated by our investors. When building this comparison, we also took into account the opinions and comments about the Forexmart broker. Discovered on the internet not only on pages in our language. But also on English and German forums dedicated to making money. Investing always comes with danger. So don't invest money that could change your quality of life.


Price difference contracts, also known as "CFDs". They enable investors to earn equally on the increase in the value of assets and on the reduction. Which is impossible for a standard exchange. The investor concludes a contract with the broker and is considering whether the price of the selected assets will fall or rise. If his assumptions are confirmed and the value changes accordingly with his speculation, he makes a profit. CFDs offer the use of leverage, the so-called "levee" to multiply their income. A significant proportion of platforms provide early investors with optimal leverage of 1:30. Nevertheless, expert investors have the opportunity to apply for an increase in the level of leverage used.

A typical leverage of 1:30 means that at the time of entering into a CFD, the amount invested by us will be multiplied by 30 times. For example, by transferring 100 euros to a broker account, we can freely "locate" 3000 euros, and from the amount of three thousand we will earn %. If the value changes adequately with our predictions or lose if we make a mistake. Investing with leverage is quite risky, although it gives you the prospect of a colossal earnings with a small amount of your own. When investing through brokers with legal licenses, there is no chance of becoming indebted. The balance of our stock account may at worst fall to zero. This means that by investing the above mentioned 100 euros, we can lose a maximum of 100 PLN. There is no way for your account balance to be negative.

Before you make a decision!

Before accepting the final decision of which broker to choose, check the internet for the most popular reviews and comments about the Forexmart broker, or any other that convinces you. On this blog, you can hear from people who have been in contact with multiple platforms so far. They recommend or advise against specific brokers. Please note that every broker operating in our country is required to obtain legal licenses and authorizations to mediate transactions within the EU. Please note that an investment service that is overseen by a national or European Financial Commission ensures greater security of your capital. You can also check the ranking of brokers and compare your choice with the choice of professional investors. This will tell you what ranking the broker you selected and whether it is worth trusting other users.

The danger of investing in the stock market

Earnings on the stock market are constantly associated with a certain danger, although this danger can be reduced with the right knowledge, skills and practice. Professional investors take quite a lot more lucrative trades than debut traders, and this is no coincidence. Novices often make inaccurate decisions. Because they are not fully aware of the laws that govern the stock market or pay enough attention to current events from the world. It is these events, after a certain period, that affect changes in asset prices.

Experienced players are still considering the market situation and making decisions based on serious fundamentals. The road from a new to a professional investor is mostly long and easy to discourage only after making a few missed investments. Mainly when we lose some of our real capital. Therefore, it is a great idea for new traders to use a demo account to learn the platform. Test a variety of investing strategies and acquire experience.

Forexmart broker demo account

Before you start trading actual cash CFDs, you should first understand the trading platform. You can use a demo account for this. Forexmart broker offers its clients a free demo account. By creating such an account, you will have at your disposal all the tools and graphs that are offered in the authentic account. You will be able to further track current price fluctuations and invest virtual finance in the same way as real money.

At any time you have the opportunity to switch the account type to real. As soon as you decide that you are ready to invest real capital. A demo account will allow you to gain practical experience, not just theoretical experience. Just like reading business books or watching videos on YouTube. If you would like to understand the best investment strategies and deepen your theoretical knowledge, then we would like to propose two books. Zenon Komar – "The Art of Speculation" and Jack D. Schwager – "Market Wizards. Conversations with eminent traders" can help you analyze and understand the rules governing the stock market.


If you want to know the opinions of other investors about Forexmart, or are you wondering which broker to choose?
#####To check out cfd broker ranking ####!
The ranking of Forex CFDs brokers was created by a team of investors.
Based on many years of experience, and comments and opinions of thousands of users on the forum.


How do I settle my money?

Remember that each investment service charges a spread when you open your next investment, it is a commission for brokering a trade, usually 100% or a thousandth of % of the amount you are investing. The size of the spread depends only on the company's policy and can be fixed or variable. Each perk of the investment is also taxable and you have to settle with your earned money in your tax country. In Poland, pit-38, which determines the income from financial capital and the acquisition of derivative financial instruments for consideration, is used to settle the income from investments on the stock exchange. If you are not sure how to complete the PIT-38, you can seek the advice of a solicitor or look for such information on the Internet. You can also settle online, in which case the pit filling should not cause you any problems.

Forexmart broker help and terms and conditions our opinion

The contact with the technical department was admirable, we received answers almost immediately to all inquiries. This was really helpful information that explained all our objections. The responses provided by the technical department were at a good level.

Also forexmart broker support works quite well, live chat is the perfect approach. It is easy to get an answer very quickly. After asking the question and explaining the problem in detail to the employee. During the platform check, we wrote to the support asking: "What method is best to withdraw funds". So that they will end up on our private account as soon as possible. We have received an extensive response, which has helped us immensely with a definitive decision. The support worker was extremely polite. He really tried to help and advised us the most attractive acceptable method of withdrawing money.

In the Forexmart broker's terms and conditions, we have come up with a lot of useful news regarding, for example, financial instruments proposed by the platform. Leverage that can be used by inexperienced and professional investors, as well as extensive information about the broker itself. Such as your organization's mailing address, index of phone numbers you need. As well as email addresses and even license numbers that the broker has received.

How to create a demo account

Forexmart demo account registration went without any hassle although the site does not have the ability to choose our language. The entire registration must therefore be done in English, which is a problem for most people. Unfortunately, after registering your account and logging in to the platform, it was also not possible to change the language. Therefore, full registration of the demo account, as well as any investments we had to make in English. This was embarrassing and not very pleasant because the translator does not best translate professional words just like stock market issues.

Reading the terms of the agreement in English was also quite difficult. The English official language is impossible to translate in an interpreter, and the terms of the agreement have a lot of content pages. Unfortunately, that's why we spent a lot of time translating and understanding the whole agreement correctly.

In our opinion, the conditions proposed by this company are not of interest to novice customers. Many of the brokers we test offer more attractive conditions to their new users. Many investment services do not vouch for their users 100% in all respects, as they stress that in some extreme cases, there may be situations where the stop loss system does not work immediately. Customers must consider the possibility of losing their capital, despite the use of the stop loss option.

The biggest advantages of forexmart broker in our opinion

The biggest values that this platform has are undoubtedly training articles. Instructional videos, individual investment tips, a large proportion of financial instruments that make learning much easier. There is an option to test the platform in a demo account and an extremely helpful economic calendar. The great positive of this service is the fact that it has a personal web application. Which highly accelerates decision-making and investment. During the test, we paid great attention to the danger of opening an investment. As well as what % of clients investing through a given broker, unfortunately, for this service% of contractors who record losses is unfortunately large.

In addition, we searched for the official account of each of the brokers on Facebook, and then compared all comments found on such a profile. A significant detail of our investigation was to check the credibility of the company address of each intermediary, posted on the official website. In a few cases, during the entire test, we did not find any headquarters or a specific office at the address. However, in the case of Forexmart, this address has been confirmed and authentic.

Forexmart broker negative reviews of our team

In our opinion, this platform is quite a good intermediary. However, it also has its drawbacks, which should be taken into account. Browsing foreign-language forums for investors, especially in German and French. We have encountered a lot of comments about the Forexmart broker. The reviews were mostly positive, but very short nonetheless. Consisting of one or two words. Nevertheless, a small part of the speech was negative. We have analysed these opinions in depth in an attempt to determine whether they are accurate or false. A large number of investors were unhappy with the period to wait for the transfer of money from the stock account. According to their opinion, they were forced to wait too long before the funds reached their private account.

Forexmart Money Withdrawal Broker

We decided to check this out and see how long it takes to transfer money from this platform. First, we made a real transfer to the account of the Forexmart broker. The deposit went to the stock account extremely quickly and after a few days we had the opportunity to invest in real cash. There were also no too many fees or commissions for making a deposit. After many days of checking the platform, it was time to withdraw the money earned. So we chose the same withdrawal method that we used to make the first deposit. We hoped that everything would go smoothly, but from the very beginning we met with a commission for the broker. As well as with a small fee for making a transfer.

From the moment we ordered the transfer to an account with our bank we had to wait a lot more than 2 days. Before the money was in your account. During this time, we have referred an inquiry to the technical team. Technical assistance has informed us that the delay is probably due to problems of our bank. Therefore, we acknowledge that Forexmart will not be responsible for them under any circumstances. As a result, we cannot undeniably determine how much time it takes to transfer money. Because depending on the method of transfer used, this time may vary. In our case, it was well over four days. In our personal impression, this has been far too long and we do not consider this to be an advantage of the platform.

Which broker to choose?

Choosing a trading platform is the most important decision of every investor. As the investment service mediates any transaction and it is to him that we entrust our finances. It must then be tried and worthy of trust. In this text we would like to show your own opinions about the Forexmart broker. But also to clarify a little about making money on the stock market and investing in CFDs. The amount we decide to invest is important.

Because the more money we invest, the greater the chance of profit, but also more stress. Contrary to appearances, emotions can largely influence our choices. It is always advisable to try to remain calm and not to make decisions under pressure of emotions. The art of rational thinking being under the influence of overwhelming stress. This is an extremely valuable feature among experienced investors.

Forexmart broker reviews forum

Reviews on the forum this platform wins from the customer side most often not the best. Our team tested the demo account and the real account for many days. We checked how deposits and withdrawals work, and what comments the Forexmart broker gets from professional traders.
If you are looking for a tried and tested broker. Such as will ensure your withdrawal in any situation. So choose reasonably, check out the ranking of forex CFDs.
Then choose which service will be perfect for your trading strategy.

Forexmart broker offers to invest in various assets. For example: CFDs on stocks of large companies, cryptocurrencies, commodities and Forex. There is a chance to earn a lot of them. However, you can also quickly lose your invested finances or go to zero. Before we proceed to review this platform as well as provide our opinion on it. We would like to introduce our readers first to what we focused on during the test. Most often we asked questions about whether the broker Forexmart:

  • provides a free demo account?
  • has the required legal licenses and is checked?
  • is not included in the warning list?
  • encourages real money and encourages significant payments?
  • What are his opinions on the investment forum?
  • What are our experiences?
  • We also checked to see if the Mother Tongue is supported.


Interesting questions that we want to answer.

We would like to answer the mostly asked questions about the Forexmart broker, which we receive from you to our e-mail address. We only identified the most interesting ones, because most of them repeated:

  • Is a Forexmart broker reliable? – yes, during our test there were no problems with withdrawing money, not taking into account the quite long time waiting for the transfer of funds.
  • Forexmart reviews- most often gets from a growing proportion of famous investors. We checked on several major business portals and managed to find a lot of interesting content, as well as insights about this broker.
  • Scam or not? – it is certainly not a scam, such a company is registered.
  • Forexmart Test Account – The test account is shared without the need to make a deposit.
  • Forex brokermart negative reviews- the forum gets very rarely, generally they are caused by an investor's mistake. Which for his own failed investment accuses the broker, however, a large part of the comments are positive.
  • The best broker – according to our assessment there are many better platforms, nevertheless this is our own opinion. Certainly some people may think that the Forexmart broker is the best.
  • Forexmart negative comments – on the forum and facebook receives rarely, most often investors complain about the long time waiting for the withdrawal of earned money.
  • Forexmart demo account – provides a free demo account, with no time limit. Unfortunately, once you have used all the virtual money you receive, you can't continue to use it.


Where to start?

If you are a new inverter and do not have much trading experience yet. We suggest that you focus on one or most of the two categories. What exactly categories you choose is entirely up to you. However, remember that the more you clarify your goal, the more time you will be able to devote to careful analysis of the current situation. The main categories are commodities (gold, silver, oil), stocks of companies (Apple, Orlen, CD Projekt), forex (USD/EUR, PLN/EUR, CHF/USD), cryptocurrencies (bitcoin, ethereum, xrp), domestic indices (WIG 20, USA 500, Germany 30) and commodities (coffee, sugar, corn). By choosing a specific category, you will be able to carefully analyze historical price fluctuations and try to draw conclusions. You should wonder what has changed the price of the assets in question in the past.

If you decide to address only one specific category e.g. cryptocurrencies, then after a certain period you will see. Exactly that all information from the country and from the world you will start to analyze through the prism "and how it will affect cryptocurrencies". This will give your next investment a result of careful thought. They will no longer be a case as it will probably be at the very beginning. Most professional investors also prefer only one key category, and then devote up to 80% of their investment time and capital to it. There is no man all over the world who knows everything, so one field should be chosen from the very beginning. Spend up to a maximum of time on its analysis, rather than separating it from all other categories.

Forexmart Forexmart Demo Broker Account

Most attractive brokers offer a free demo account, in most cases, the registration of a demo account does not need to confirm even the basic data. In addition, the Forexmart Broker does not require any deposits to activate the demo account. Therefore, you can try the effectiveness of the platform without any expense. The speed of order execution and the quality of the connection to the application. Without even the slightest danger of losing real money. This platform also provides a demo account to its customers, but applies a budget constraint. This means that we have to use a pre-calculated part of the virtual currency. Which does not refresh when exhausted. This shows that after using the entire sum we have to decide whether we want to transfer real money to this broker. Or maybe it will be better to check a few other platforms before we make a definitive decision.

Any good investment service in our opinion should offer revolving funds in a demo account. So that every new user has the boundless opportunity to properly check the platform under each account. In the course of the tests, it turned out that several brokers also set time limits for using a demo account. Most often it was a month of time, during which the novice user had to give advice to learn all the important features of the platform. After this time, the demo account was paused and there was no way to continue using it. At that time, only the option to transfer the real money was left. The Forexmart broker does not apply time limits on the demo account. We have the ability to use them until all virtual money is used.

Your feedback and comments

Before you decide to transfer your savings to the account of a broker. Check out what reviews other forum readers write about the Forexmart broker. The main thing is to choose such an intermediary, which will provide security and guarantee of payment of money. Our team would like to thank you for all the comments about the Forexmart broker you write. Your feedback is extremely valuable to us. If you would like our team to check a new broker, which we do not have any opinion about yet on our blog. We cordially invite you to send you an e-mail with the name of this website and the address of its website.

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